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The Dreaded Exit Interview

The moment you decide to take your career in a new direction, you will feel the excitement of the changes on the horizon, and maybe some worry because you know you will have to tell your boss.  If your job is perfect, then there is no reason to leave.  However, the average worker remains at their job for 4.4 years, meaning that people face the dreaded exit interview every day.  Like…

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Just One Interview Tip

Consider for a moment that we just told you about an upcoming interview at a firm or company you really want to work for.  You’ve even been waiting to hear back from them.  Like most people, you probably feel some nerves about the interview. Just thinking about it can make confident professionals anxious.  However, now is not the time to be anxious.  Now is the time to stop and take…

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Professionals: Your Resumes

I have read more resumes then I can count, and they keep coming. After leaving full-time private practice as an associate lawyer, and then over time as a legal recruiter, the number of resumes I’ve now seen can make you gasp, or at least, take a deep breath. Then, just the other day, a friend of mine asked me to review her resume.  As you would expect, she is a…

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