arm wrestleIn your opinion, how important is mentorship? I know from working in finance, law firms, a recruitment agency and now with my own small start-up, that great mentors are an important part of any career, company and business.  Take a moment to think about your career, and you may come to the same conclusion.  Most people will say that effective mentorship can give you advice and support when you need it most.  I agree.

Mentorship provides:

  1. Career and life guidance;
  2. Work and project expertise; and
  3. Effective succession planning for businesses.

I can think of several people I consider mentors, and like most of us I am always open to another.  Mentors are individuals that I look towards when making big decisions, and you can always keep in mind that it is not only a one-way street.  If your mentor knows that you are taking their advice to heart, then you can become an extension of their own successes.  One obvious example is law firms.  An Associate lawyer can align with a Partner, in order to learn the practice of law, and because it offers the Partner a convenient succession plan, and a way to slowly step back over time without losing the trust of his or her clients.

Are you getting, or giving, effective mentorship?


About the author

Nicholas Milliken is the founder and CEO of Brolly Recruitment, a legal recruitment firm specializing in finding proper lawyers for law firms and companies in Canada.  After practicing law for several years, he trained as a legal recruiter, and now heads-up Brolly Legal Recruitment - Privileged and Confidential:  “It is our Privilege to work with you and matters stay Confidential”

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