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How do you know if you fit in your firm?

People often throw the buzzword “fit” around when making employment decisions. When considering your next job, having the right experience and a strong résumé always helps.  With that in mind, you must consider the people at the firm.

I was recently reminded of this when helping an extremely talented young lawyer relocate to Alberta. The earliest sense of your fit comes in the interview. After all, interviews are a two-way street.

  • Yes, the firm ultimately decides whether to hire you;
  • Yes, you have value and skills to help that firm be successful; and
  • Yes, the financial bottom line is always an important factor for any business.

Putting aside those yes’, we all know that when a company interviews you, you interview the company. Take the opportunity to meet the people, and focus beyond the fact that you have the skills for the job. There are many firms out there that can offer great work, and opportunities for success and succession. Beyond the work and the files, you also need to enjoy the people you work with, in order to commit and succeed in your chosen profession.

  • Do you like your coworkers and peers?

The answer should be yes. If not, take ownership and fix anything wrong you see, hear or feel at work.

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