blog who are youI have read more resumes then I can count, and they keep coming. After leaving full-time private practice as an associate lawyer, and then over time as a legal recruiter, the number of resumes I’ve now seen can make you gasp, or at least, take a deep breath.

Then, just the other day, a friend of mine asked me to review her resume.  As you would expect, she is a very capable lawyer, and highly intelligent.  Like others though, she is looking to move law jobs and asked for my help.  Her resume was… okay.

The point about resumes, which is often overlooked, is this:  Your resume communicates to employers what questions you want them to ask.  So, what questions do you want your next employer to ask you?  They might ask:

  • “So you worked at Davis LLP, tell me about a tough file you worked on”…
  • “What prompted you to help start a human rights organization?” or
  • “You play the drums? Our firm has a band and we play at the retreat!”

Do not forget about my friend above. With some valuable pointers her resume became stylish and professional, plus it helps set the tone for her next interview. Your resume should be professional, and to a degree it should tell your next employer who you are.  You do want people to know who you are, don’t you?


About the author

Nicholas Milliken is the founder and CEO of Brolly Recruitment, a legal recruitment firm specializing in finding proper lawyers for law firms and companies in Canada.  After practicing law for several years, he trained as a legal recruiter, and now heads-up Brolly Legal Recruitment - Privileged and Confidential:  “It is our Privilege to work with you and matters stay Confidential”

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