One direction for your LinkedIn Profile is to use it as an extension of your brand.

Like others, you probably know that your LinkedIn profile is a great way for employers to find you, and for you to find your next employer or that next job.  What you may not know is that LinkedIn is an effective way for new clients to find you, and in particular, your product or service. 

Connecting with clients is vital to growing your practice and increasing demand for your business.  So the question becomes: Are you using your LinkedIn profile to attract more clientele?  Here are three questions your LinkedIn profile needs to answer, so that clients choose you instead of your competition.

  1. What do you do?
  2. How can you help your clients?
  3. Why should prospective clients choose you?

If a prospective client reads your profile, will they give you their business?  Put yourself in the mind of the LinkedIn users who are already reading your profile.  Too many people simply list where they work, without listing skills, abilities and accomplishments.  Instead, and if I can give you one direction, use your LinkedIn profile as an extension of your brand, and show them what you can do.


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