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Why Choose Brolly Legal Recruitment?

Our Approach
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  • Brolly Legal Recruitment provides trusted, contingency based, risk-free and guaranteed legal recruitment service for lawyers, law firms, in-house counsel and staff. We employ the most sophisticated legal recruitment software and database systems available today. Add to that our social and personal networks and we find your next legal job, or your next hire, faster and with greater precision. We confidentially connect with lawyers and employers across Canada every day. Most importantly we ask: "What can we do for you?". Whether you are:

    - Starting your legal job search?, or
    - Looking to hire an agency, lawyer or staff?

    We help you, your company, and your partners find the legal professionals you are searching for. Call us or email us confidentially any time. Keep in mind that charity is built into everything we do. Click on CONTACT US above or ABOUT US/CHARITY for a list of preferred charities.

  • Brolly Legal Recruitment is contacted by Associates, Partners, In-House Counsel and Legal Staff, throughout Canada, every day. Your information stays strictly confidential, and we only contact employers on your behalf after you have given us your strict consent to do so. Our clients are waiting to hear from us, so we want to hear from you.

    - Are you at the right law firm?
    - Are you moving forward in your legal career?
    - Are you content in your current position?

    Law firms and companies send us new opportunities every day. Tell us what you want, and we will tell you when it comes available. Call us, or email us, confidentially today.   You may also click LAWYERS or JOBS above, or the CONTACT US tab.

  • Brolly Legal Recruitment is contingency based so you pay nothing up front. Each placement includes a charitable donation in your firm's name. We guarantee each placement so you receive real experience, skills and value to leverage over the long-term. We only provide candidates that fit your role. We license the best recruitment software and database systems, and have the social and personal networks, plus industry connections, to provide you with candidates you did not know were available.

    - Is your law firm strategically hiring?
    - Are you looking for an Associate, Partner or In-House Counsel?
    - Are you running the job search?

    We take the risk, guarantee placements and only succeed if we introduce a candidate with the skills, experience, fit and value you are looking for. Brolly Legal Recruitment is loyal to all it's clients, and will not actively seek candidates from them. Call us, or email us, and tell us what you need and we will help.  Otherwise, click on EMPLOYERS or CONTACT US above.


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